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Glitter makeup is a great way to achieve different types of looks that are dramatic. There are many materials to add variation to a glitter makeup, and you can also go for different colors and placements. Another plus of this kind of makeup is that you can adjust it to suit any occasion or purpose- it is not just confined to melodramatic or attention-grabbing makeup techniques.

It can be applied in several ways and every time the result is different. Many makeup artists have devised their own unique ways of applying glitter makeup, and they experiment with different techniques to make you look like the perfect glitter goddess.

How to Put Glitter on Face

How to put glitter on the face is an individual choice. It is important that your glitter makeup does not merge, spread, or mess with the areas where it is not applied or intended. That is perhaps the trickiest problem associated with glitter: that it must stay in place and not smudge. There are some basic common steps that must be taken if you want to try complete or partial glitter makeup.

1. Clean and moisturize

It is important when applying any makeup to start with clean and hydrated skin; however, its effect is especially visible in case of glitter makeup, as hydration greatly affects the final look.

2. Apply base makeup

The first step towards glitter glory is to apply a smooth and uniform layer of base makeup, such as primer, foundation, etc. Make sure you do not use any skin radiance makeup in this step.

3. Color closely

Once you are through with the base layer of makeup, choose the colors of the eyeshadows and blushers closest to the colors of the glitters you want to apply in that area so that a natural and seamless merge occurs between the two.

4. Scoop the glitter

Use a spatula to scoop very small amounts of glitter onto a clean palate, so that they are separated, and you don't mix them at the same time. Next, you either mix the glitter in your cream-based makeup (good for beginners) or apply a layer of petroleum jelly as a thin base and then apply glitter with a brush. Minimum amounts of glitter must be used, as it is a substance that spreads and volumizes a lot. Petroleum jelly is a good base for how to get the glitter to stick to the face.

5. Use traditional brushes

This is a significant hack recommended by professionals for beginners. You can just dip your eyeliner brush or lipstick applicator into the liquid glitter box and then apply as you usually apply non-glitter makeup. This will not only ensure a clean application but will make the glitter last for longer periods of time.

6. Boundary and filling

Before the actual application, always make a boundary that outlines the areas where you want to apply glitter. Create the boundary with the glitter two tones lighter than your intended color. Furthermore, the boundary must be made with a very thinly pointed brush and must have less glitter and more moisture. This ensures that the inner glitter stays in place without smudging during the entire time you wear the makeup. This will also aid the application of the glitter.

7. Accessorize

Glitter makeup is mostly accompanied by some sparkle beads, tattoos, or sequins, etc. You must set these in place after applying the boundary and before the makeup. This will give a more natural and beautiful look to the makeup.

How to Remove Glitter from Face

Removing the glitter is equally important as is how to apply glitter to face. If you cannot remove it efficiently, it stays with you for a couple of days, turning you into a messy glitter goddess, or your surroundings leave hints that you applied glitter last winter. Use the following hacks to remove this material from your body and belongings.

  • Oil-based makeup removers

You can use a good quality oil-based makeup remover and just wipe off the makeup with cotton ball swabs. Always move your swab in the direction of hair growth (even if there is none) so that it gets removed properly. In the end, when you are sure all glitter is gone, use circular motions of the swab to clean the face again, to remove any leftovers.

  • Pluck-off strips

Pluck-off strips, which collect any stray makeup during application, are available in the market. These mildly stick to the area and can be gently peeled off after application. Another hack is to use these for glitter removal after your party is over.

  • Peel-off masks

Once you clean your face with a makeup remover, you can use a moisturizing peel-off mask, which will not only hydrate but also cleanse the skin of any leftover makeup particles. The particles stick to the mask and are removed when the mask is peeled off.


When it comes to how to apply glitter to face, you must always be very careful, so that there are the minimum mess and unwanted spread. However, there are many more things to be kept in mind while applying, like bordered and settled strokes. Use oil-based removers when trying to remove makeup and then hydrate your skin properly. You too can be a part of the glitter vogue and flaunt your style with your own experimentation.

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