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Braids have always been popular among women all over the world, and it's not hard to see why. They look stylish and awesome, no matter the occasion. Whether you want a sporty look for the gym or a lovely and fun look for a party, braids are an extremely versatile hairdo. Moreover, they're also functional; braids can help keep your hair in place all day long, allowing you to go about your activities fuss-free.

If you're looking for a gorgeous and unique hairstyle, look no further! There are so many different styles to try, and you can never go wrong with braids. In this article, we'll show you how to braid your own hair. From short to long, no matter which kind of hair you have, we got you covered!

Everything You Want to Know About Braids

From the classic three-strand braid to the intricate fishtail braid, here's everything you need to know about the different types of braids.

The Classic Three Strand Braid

No how-to-braid-hair tutorial is complete without this timeless and simple look. Easy to make and versatile, this hairstyle is a must-learn for everyone out there. Once you get the technique, you can make all sorts of hairstyles with this braid, from ponytails and pigtails to chignons and double buns.

How to Make a Three Strand Braid:

  • Divide your hair into three sections

  • Take the left section and cross it over the middle section

  • Cross the right section over the new middle section

  • Repeat the previous steps all over again until you've run out of hair

  • Secure the ends with an elastic band and you're done!

The Elegant French Braid

Let's upgrade our simple three-strand braid into a French braid. Much like the previous style, French braid is also very versatile. You can make it tight for a fresh and sporty look or make it loose for a chic, bohemian look.

How to Make a French Braid:

  • Take a section of hair by its root

  • Divide that section into three parts

  • Crisscross the sections like you're making a three-strand braid

  • Repeat until you've made two or three rows of the basic braid

  • Start crisscrossing other pieces of hair to the side of your initial braids

  • Keep doing this until you've used up all your hair

  • Secure the ends of your hair with an elastic band

  • Keep it tight or loosen up some of the sections for a softer, more romantic look

The Intricate Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is one of the most romantic ways to braid hair. While this unique style may look complicated, it's actually quite easy to do. Once you've mastered the technique, you can use this style to make ponytails, half-up hairdos, buns, or even try the more complex French fishtail braid.

How to Make a Fishtail Braid:

  • Divide your hair into two equal sections

  • Take a small piece of hair from the outside of the left section

  • Cross that piece of hair over and tuck it under the right section

  • Repeat with the right section of hair

  • Repeat these steps until you've run out of hair

  • Secure the ends with an elastic band and you're all set!

The Awesome Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid is actually just another version of the French braid. It's inside out, giving it an interesting, cultured look. The key on how to pull off this style is to cross your hair under rather than over. This beautiful braid can be incorporated into many different hairstyles, from ponytails to chignons.

How to Make a Dutch Braid:

  • Take a piece of hair by its root

  • Divide that piece of hair into three sections

  • Take the left section and cross it under the middle section

  • Cross the right section under the new middle section

  • Repeat until you've got two or three rows of a regular braid

  • Start adding new pieces of hair from the sides until you've run out of hair

  • Secure the ends with an elastic band

  • Adjust the tightness of the braid and you're done!

The Complex Four Strand Braid

Think a three-strand braid is too basic? Then try the four-strand braid! This style will definitely be a challenging one, but the elevated look of this braid will leave you feeling pretty for every occasion, from a day out on the town to date night.

How to Make a Complex Four Strand Braid:

  • Divide your hair into four equal strands

  • From left to right, label them section A to D

  • Cross section B over section A

  • Cross section D over section C

  • Cross section A over section D to complete one row of the braid

  • Repeat the steps until you reach your desired length

  • Secure the ends with an elastic band

The Pretty Rope Twisted Braid

The rope twisted braid puts a twist on the classic braid, creating a more modern and futuristic look. This style looks more complicated than it really is, but you really just need to have some good grips and you're good to go!

How to Make a Pretty Rope Twisted Braid:

  • Make a ponytail

  • Divide the ponytail into two equal sections

  • Twist both sections to the left or counterclockwise, cross the left section over to the right to form the twist

  • Swap hands as you do this and maintain a good grip to prevent the twists from getting undone

  • Repeat until you've run out of hair

  • Secure the ends with an elastic band

The Chic Pull Through Braid

Want something simple? The chic pull through braid is your answer. This is actually a faux braid style which means it looks like a braid but you don't need to crisscross your hair. This braid is one of the easiest ways to braid hair! All you need is just some elastics.

How to Make a Chic Pull Through Braid:

  • Take a small section of hair and pull it into a small ponytail

  • Make a second ponytail right below the first one

  • Unclip the first ponytail and divide it into two equal sections

  • Wrap the sections around the second ponytail and tie them off to make the first row of the braid

  • Repeat the steps as necessary until you're done!

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, you've already gathered some knowledge on how to braid hair from this article. While braids may look complex, they're actually an easy to make hairstyle that can upgrade your look instantly. All you need is just patience and some practice. So, which braid style is your favorite?

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